Ne vous fiez pas à Google qui vous fait faire un grand détour par Kingston !

  • Take Davey Street in the right-hand lane
  • Keep going straight on B64 direction Fern Tree – Mt Wellington
  • Drive 10 kms, past the turn-off to Mt Wellington : Do not turn !
  • Keep going 100 m to Fern Tree Tavern
  • Take 2nd road on the left Summerleas Road
  • Drive in Between the Tavern on the left and the fire Station on the right
  • Keep going about 1.5 km on sealed road, then about 1.5 km on gravel road
  • Turn left immediately after the big blue “Kingborough Safer Speed Demonstration” sign
  • Follow the signs down a steep sealed driveway.

Recommended for those who can walk 500 m: park at top of driveway and walk down.

If you come from Kingston, take Summerleas road and come up until the saddle and look for number 690.